With Them That Strive And Fight With Me

With them that strive and fight with me,
Fight Lord; my cause defend.
Seize shield, and buckler, and arise,
Me, with thine aid, befriend.
Advance thy pointed spear, and stop
My persecutor’s way;
In mercy, to my trembling soul,
I’m thy salvation, say.

Confounded, and ashamed, be they
Who would my soul surprise;
Turn back, and to confusion bring,
All that my hurt devise.
Drive them, as chaff before the wind
Let them thine angel chase;
Both dark, and slippery, make their way;
And with swift vengeance trace.
For, unprovoked, they, for my soul,
Have digged, and spread their net.
With sudden ruin, plunge him down.
Into the toils he set.
Then, to the Lord, my grateful soul
Shall shout her thankfulness;
In his salvation I’ll rejoice.
And my deliverer bless.

My bones, preserved, shall say, O Lord,
Who may with thee compare
Who frees the helpless from the strong,
And poor from spoiler’s snare.

Second Part

False witness rose, and charged me,
With crimes I never knew;
They me reward with ill, for good;
My very life pursue.

But I, when they were sick, myself
With sackcloth did invest;
With fasts I mourned, and my prayer
Returned into my breast.

Had he, my friend or brother been,
So were my actions turned;
I bowed down heavily, as one
That for his mother mourned.
But my least slip was their delight
When they assembled were;
Abjects, unknown, together get,
My fame incessant tear.

Vile parasites, who cringe for bread,
Admitted to their feasts,
At me have snarled, and gnashed their teeth,
And flung their impious jests.
How long, O Lord, wilt thou look on?
Me rescue from their power;
My darling from the lion keep,
That threatens to devour.

So, in the congregation great,
With thanks I’ll thee confess;
And, in the face of all the world,
To thee my praise address.

Third Part

Let not, with joy, insult o’er me
My treacherous enemies;
Nor them that hate me, without cause,
Deride, with winking eyes.
Their words are not the words of peace,
But foul malicious lies;
Against the quiet in the land,
They craftily devise.

Yea, with insult, they laughed, and said,
“Ha, ha, our eye it saw.
Thou, Lord, hast seen, nor silence keep,
Nor far from me withdraw.
Rouse, Lord, and to my judgment wake;
My God, my cause decree;
Judge me, O Lord, as thou art just,
Lest they triumph o’er me.

O let them never, in their heart,
Have cause to boast, and say,
“Ah! ah! ’tis as our heart could wish,
He’s now become our prey.”
To shame, and to confusion, bring
Who at my hurt, are glad;
Let them, who magnify themselves,
Be with dishonor clad.

Let those be glad, and shout for joy,
Who my just cause confess;
And say, “The Lord be magnified,
Who loves his servant’s peace.”
So shall my tongue aloud proclaim
The justice of thy ways;
I’ll spend my days in sacred hymns,
To celebrate thy praise.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,