With Trembling Contrition I Sought For T

With trembling contrition I sought for the gate,
Oppressed with the burden of sin’s heavy weight:
How happy, how blessed to hear Jesus say,
“Come, I am the door of the heavenward way.”

Let us trust and pray,
And his word obey;
With Jesus we’ll walk the heavenward way;
‘Tis the blood-sprinkled,
The King’s highway;
It leads up to glory, the heavenward way.

So, turning to Jesus with heart and with will,
Beginning with trusting, and trusting him still,
I entered the path where I sing as I pray;
I’m walking by faith in the heavenward way. [Refrain]

His arm will uphold me, his counsel will guide;
No evil can harm me while close at his side,
His peace is my comfort, his strength is my stay;
I’m kept by his grace in the heavenward way. [Refrain]

The City of God, like a beautiful star,
Is sending its radiance down from afar;
His love shines around me so brightly each day;
I’m nearing my home by the heavenward way. [Refrain]