With Unmoved Patience For The Lord

With unmoved patience, for the Lord
I waited hopefully;
He bowed to me a gracious ear,
And heard my humble cry.
He brought me from the roaring pit
Where plunged in mire, I lay;
He set my feet upon a rock,
And firm he made my way.

With a new song he filled my mouth;
Praise to our God most high.
Many shall see, and learn to fear,
And on the Lord rely.
That man is blest, who on the Lord,
With confidence, relies;
Who disregards the proud, and such
As turn aside to lies.

O Lord, my God, thy wondrous works
Which thou hast wrought of old,
And thoughts of kindness towards us,
Are more than can be told.
Rich sacrifice and offering
Thou didst no more desire;
Nor burnt, nor sin offering, but strict
Obedience did require.

Then said I, “Lo, I come, of me
Thy sacred rolls declare;
My God, thy will is my delight,
Thy laws in my heart are.
I, in the congregation great,
Have preached righteousness;
Lo, Lord, thou know’st, I’ve not refrained
From publishing thy grace.

“I have not hid within my heart
Nor from the world concealed,
Thy faithfulness, and saving health:
But grace, and truth revealed.”

Second Part

Those tender mercies I proclaim
Withhold not, Lord, from me;
But let thy kindness and thy truth
My constant keepers be.
Numberless evils me surround,
My sins have seized me fast;
They blind me, they exceed my hairs
Therefore my heart’s laid waste.

Be pleased, O Lord, in this distress
To come, and set me free;
O gracious God, make no delays,
But haste to succor me.
Shame and confusion be their lot
Who at my ruin aim;
May they who wish and seek my hurt,
Be driven back with shame.

With desolation them reward
Who shamefully me treat;
That sport themselves, and triumph make,
At mine afflicted state.
Let all that seek thy face rejoice,
In thee be satisfied;
Who thy salvation love, still say,
“The Lord be magnified.”

Though I am poor, distressed, the Lord
Yet thinks on me alway:
For thou my help, and Savior art,
My God, make no delay.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,