With What Delight I Raise My Eyes

With what delight I raise my eyes,
And view the courts, where Jesus dwells!
Jesus, who reigns beyond the skies,
And here below his grace reveals.

Of Gods own house the sacred key
Is borne by that majestic hand;
Mansions and treasures there I see
Subjected all to his command.

He shuts, and worlds might strive in vain
The mighty obstacle to move;
He looses all their bars again,
And who shall shut the gates of love?

Fix’d in omnipotence he bears
The glories of his Father’s name,
Sustains his people’s weighty cares,
Thro’ ev’ry changing age the same.

My little all I there suspend,
Where the whole weight of heav’n is hung;
Secure I rest on such a friend,
And into raptures wake my tongue.