Withering As Grass Is Humankind

Withering as grass is humankind,
And fleeting as the short lived flower;
The goodliness today we find
Tomorrow fades, and is no more.

Man, foolish man, his virtue shows,
Which for a moment charms our eyes;
The sin-convincing Spirit blows,
Withers the flower, and fades, and dies.

Die the gay flower of human pride:
The Word of God shall stand secure;
The Word of God shall still abide,
And firm from age to age endure.

Sion, ascend the mountain top,
Jerusalem, the grace proclaim;
Herald of God, thy voice lift up,
And strongly shout the Savior’s name.

Good tidings show to Judah’s race,
Publish throughout the earth abroad
Good tidings of redeeming grace,
And cry to all, “Behold your God!”

Behold, the Lord your God shall come,
And bow the world to His command;
HIs outstretched arm shall make Him room:
Who can His outstretched arm withstand?

Lo! an exceeding great reward,
Himself, to humbled souls He gives;
He fills whom first He has prepared,
And all in all for ever lives.

Shepherd of souls, His tender care
Shall kindly for His flock provide;
The lambs He in His arms shall bear,
And sweetly in His bosom hide.

His sheep He shall protect, and feed,
Bind up the maimed, support the weak;
The great with young shall gently lead,
And seek the lost, and heal the sick.