Within My Heart A New Song Is Ringing

Within my heart a song
Is ringing all day long;
It fills
And thrills,
Gives joy for ills,
And ev’ry clam’ring stills;
Its never-changing theme
Is sweeter than a dream;
It rings
And clings,
And sweetly sings
Of Christ the King of kings.

Joy, joy, joy, shout the glad refrain,
Oh, sing the glad story old
Until all the world is told;
Tell, tell, tell of the Lamb once slain,
For all who receive it,
All who believe it,
Life everlasting shall gain.

Its cadences are sweet,
And softly they repeat
His name,
Who came
That He might claim
A world from sin and shame.
I sing it o’er and o’er,
And love it more and more;
Each tho’t
Is fraught
With love that bought,
And my salvation wrought. [Refrain]

Till time and tide shall cease,
That song of love and peace
Shall ring
And sing,
And gladness bring
To me of Christ, my King;
Then when with yonder throng
I join the new, new song,
For me
‘Twill be,
By His decree,
My song eternally. [Refrain]