Within The Temples Hallowed Walls

Within the temple’s hallowed walls,
How meekly sat the Holy Child,
And listened when the doctors taught,
And meekly questioned soft and mild.

He did His Father’s work betimes,
He loved within His courts to stay,
While three long days the Mother trod
Along her weary homeward way.

Oh! shame on any Christian child
Who does not love the house of prayer;
Who goes with cold, unwilling heart,
To serve his Heavenly Father there:

Who takes no heed when holy words
Are spoken to his listless ears,
Nor ever questions in his heart,
What mean the sacred things he hears.

Come let him learn what Jesus did,
And love to trace, with wondering eyes,
His perfect works, His holy ways,
Who was in early years so wise.

And let him ask of God in heaven,
A spirit teachable and mind,
A simple heart to learn and love,
Like Jesus, that sweet, Holy Child.