Within The Tented Grove The Followers Of

Within the tented grove,
The followers of the Lamb
Are met to sing his love,
And glorify his name:
Believers, let your prayers ascend
To him who is the sinner’s friend.

The Lord of hosts is here–
His banner floats on high,
He lends a listening ear
To catch the feeblest cry:
It will prevail; ye need not fear,
If uttered from a heart sincere.

Send every vain desire,
Each trifling thought, away:
And no unhallowed fire
Upon the altar lay;
Let holy zeal and humble love
In every Christian bosom move.

Oh, let the fervent prayer
Like incense sweetly rise,
And on its pinions bear
Our offering to the skies;
Through every bosom let it thrill,
And every heart with rapture fill.