Within Your House O God Today

Within your house, O God, today
We wait to see your gentle love:
Since you have said in truth that they
Are one in you who live in love,
Bless those who for your blessing wait;
Their love accept and consecrate.

Dear Lord of love, whose heart of fire
In flames our hearts with love for you.
May they who seek you, Lord, desire
All things that are both good and true.
Look down and bless them from above,
And keep their hearts alight with love.

Blest Spirit, who with life and light
Inspires us all to sing God’s praise,
Your presence here brings pure delight,
And fills our souls with joy and grace:
Bless those who now in love consent;
Creator, crownyour sacrament.

Great One in Three, of whom are named
All families in earth and heaven.
Hear us who have your promises claimed,
And let a wealth of grace giv’n
Grant them in life and death to be
Both joined in you eternally.