Without Spot And Blameless O Savior

Without spot and blameless, O Savior,
What a glorious church Thou hast built!
For this Thou didst patiently suffer,
For this was Thy blood freely spilt.

Without spot and blameless, my brother,
She lives ‘neath the all-cleansing blood;
In heaven and earth is no other,
Her builder and maker is God.

Without spot and blameless, so holy,
See the church in her beauty sublime;
She lives on the bright hills of glory,
She reigns over sin all the time. [Refrain]

Without spot and blameless He bought her,
In the likeness of heaven above;
From depths that were sinful He sought her,
And filled her with infinite love. [Refrain]

She’s blameless, without spot or wrinkle,
From the last stain of sin she is free;
With blood from the cross He doth sprinkle
Her altars of cleansing for me. [Refrain]

Hymnal of the Church of God, (Timeless Truths)