Woe Unto Me How Oft I Havetransgressed

Wo unto me! how oft I have
Transgress’d and gone astray;
To Satan I have been a slave,
And lov’d the sinful way.

My God was ever kind to me,
And great has been his love.
How could I so unthankful be;
So disobedient prove.

My conscience testify to me,
According to thy word,
That is strict justice I should be,
Accursed from my Lord.

O! gracious Lord, I well do know,
That wretched is my case;
But whether can I flee or go,
To reach redeeming grace.

Not man nor angel can relieve
My mind with guilt oppress’d:
Not heav’n itself such comforts give,
To set my heart at rest.

O blessed Jesus, unto thee,
To thee will I attend;
To thee my refuge, Lord I flee!
Thou art my Lord and friend.

Thy suff’rings and thy dying groans;
Thy blood which freely stream’d,
For all my sin and guilt atones;
Bu which I was redeem’d.