Wonderful Creator Sovereign Arbitrator

I. Wonderful Creator,
Sov’rein Arbitrator!
Look upon us in thy Mercy.
Christ, our blessed Saviour,
Slight not our Behaviour,
Though we have rebell’d against Thee.
Lord, our King!
Maake us sing,
With a due Contrition,
And profound Submission.

II. Heav’n! proclaim the Honour
Of thy mighty Donor,
Far beyond the whole Creation.
Sun! let this Day’s Duty
Shew thy Author’s Beauty,
In thy Course without Cessatin.
Ev’ry Star
In the Air
Pay him due Allegiance
In your fix’d Obedience.

III. O my Soul and Spirit!
Praise the glorious Merit
Of the Lord, without dissembling;
All, who’ve Breath and Motion,
Pay him your Devotion,
And rejoice with Fear and Trembling,
Great nd Good
Is our God,
Of eternal Story,
And the King of Glory.

IV. Raise your Hymns of Praises
To the Name of JESUS,
All that taste the Heav’nly MANNA!
He, that thus rejoices,
Join with all our Voices,
And repeat devout HOSANNA.
Blest are all,
That can call
CHRIST their Joy and Treasure;
They’ll be fill’d with Pleasure.