Wonderful Cross By Faith I See

Wonderful cross by faith I see
Planted on Calvary for me;
Cross of the suffering Son of God,
Under thy pressing weight he trod.
Wonderful cross, so dear to me,–
Wonderful cross of Calvary.

Wonderful faith that lifts me up,
Where I may taste the bitter cup;
Wonderful faith that helps me bear
Crosses and ills, his love to share;
Wonderful faith, when tempest-tossed,
Wonderful faith in Jesus’ cross.

Wonderful cross of Calvary,
Oh how my spirit clings to thee!
Wonderful faith that brings thee near;
Wonderful love that makes thee dear;
Wonderful cross and faith and love
Sending me up to heaven above.

* Wonderful cross, by this I rise
Into the rest of Paradise;
Wonderful cross and tears and blood,
Making me king and priest to God;
Wonderful joy, at last, I’ll share,
Leaving the cross, the crown to wear.