Wonderful Place At My Saviors Right Hand

Wonderful place at my Savior’s right hand,
There by His grace I’ll be able to stand;
There I’ll adore Him while angels unfold,
Live in His presence, His beauty behold.

O, I shall see Him some day on His throne,
Worship before Him and know as I’m known;
Praise Him forever for wonderful grace,
bringing me safely to look on His face.

Wonderful place where the saints robed in white,
Ever adore Him in mansions of light;
Vieing with angels His bidding to do,
Singing His praises eternity thro’. [Chorus]

Wonderful place when life’s conflicts are o’er,
And I shall stand on that beautiful shore;
There I shall look on His glorious face,
Wonder of ages, He saved me by grace. [Chorus]