Wonderful Power Of My Wonderful King

Wonderful pow’r of my wonderful King!
Mercy unbounded, I gratefully sing;
From all the billows that round me may roll,
Able and willing to rescue my soul.

Wonderful pow’r, wonderful pow’r!
Saving me, keeping me, life’s every hour;
Gladly I sing, trustfully sing,
Wonderful pow’r of my wonderful King.

Wonderful pow’r of the prayer-hearing Lord;
Trials a claim on His grace will afford;
On my dear Savior I cast ev’ry care,
Able and willing to answer my prayer. [Chorus]

Wonderful pow’r that will guide me aright,
Lead me from the shadows to marvelous light;
In fierce temptations, my refuge and stay,
Able and willing to keep me each day. [Chorus]

Able and willing, O Savior art Thou!
Able and willing to save me just now;
When earthly pathways no longer I roam,
Able and willing to welcome me home. [Chorus]