Wonderful Promise All Things Are Mine

Wonderful promise! all things are mine;
Jesus my surety, Savior divine,
Mine by a con’vant, order’d and sure,
Sign’d by his lifeblood, seal’d and secure.

Wonderful, wonderful promise!
Lord, be it mine;
Glory and blessings forever,
Savior, be thine.

Peace that my Spirit freshens and calms,
Praise and rejoicing, jubilant psalms;
Comfort in sorrow, strength as my day,
Wells of salvation cheering the way. [Refrain]

Finding the treasures time cannot dim,
Joy in his service likeness to him;
Grace all abounding, fullness of love;
Blessings unmeasur’d stream from above. [Refrain]

All things in Jesus, since he is mine;
Light from its fountain, life from the vine
Only to trust him, only to take
Gifts of his purchase, for his dear sake. [Refrain]