Wonderful Savior In Him I Am Trusting

Wonderful Saviour, in him I am trusting,
Wonderful price for my ransom he gave;
Trusting in him in his merits I’m resting,
He is my all, he is mighty to save.

Mighty to save! mighty to save!
Blessed Redeemer, the mighty to save!
Giving his life for the life of the sinner,
Our blessed Redeemer the mighty to save.

Wonderful Saviour, for him I am living,
Grateful to him for the life that he gave;
And for the blessings to me he’s now giving,
He is my Saviour and mighty to save. [Chorus]

Come now, dear lost one, for you we are praying,
God hath so lov’d you, a Saviour he gave;
Trust him to save you and keep you from straying,
He is your Saviour and mighty to save. [Chorus]