Wonderful Wonderful Jesus Bore Calvarys

Wonderful, wonderful,
Jesus bore Calv’ry’s cross for me!
Said to the sinner, Go sin no more,
From your sins set free!
Over and over the song I sing
Of redeeming love,
Love of the Savior who rules as King,
In the realms above.

Wonderful, wonderful is the Savior’s love,
Wonderful, wonderful, sent from heav’n above,
Pleading love, pard’ning love, that with time began;
Seeking love, saving love,
God’s best gift to man.

Wonderful, wonderful,
Why should He, God’s beloved Son,
Care for a sinner, like you and me,
He the sinless One?
Over and over one song I sing
As thro’ life I go,
Ever the tho’t thro’ my soul will ring,
Jesus loved me so. [Refrain]

Wonderful, wonderful,
Sing with me, Jesus died for all!
He from the shackles of sin set free,
Those who heed His call.
Over and over the song I’ll sing
Till I see His face,
Then how the anthem of joy will ring,
Saved, O saved by grace. [Refrain]