Wondrous Cross Thy Glory Beaming

Wondrous cross! thy glory beaming
Thro’ the ages dark as night;
Rays of brightness from thee streaming,
Fill the world with gospel light.
Time ne’er brings decay nor rusting–
Gath’ring neither rot nor moss,
In its sacrifice I’m trusting;
I am clinging to the cross,
I am clinging, I am clinging,
I am clinging to the cross.

Wondrous power! of saving mercy;
Wondrous grace! on me bestow’d;
To be counted even worthy,
Thus to feel the cleansing flood.
On the Cross my hopes all center,
Purest gold, compared, is dross;
In my heart no sin can enter,
While I’m clinging to the cross.
I am clinging, etc.

Grove Songs #,