Wondrous Grace And Wondrous Mercy

Wondrous grace and wondrous mercy,
Pure and boundless, rich and free,
Such as he bestows on sinners,
My dear Lord bestows on me.

O precious love! O boundless grace!
O wondrous mercy, rich and free!
O precious love! O boundless grace!
The grace that reaches even me.

I was lost, but Jesus found me,
Pardoned me, forgave my sin;
Washed me in the blood atoning,
Purified and made me clean. [Refrain]

How could One so pure and holy,
Love a sinner so depraved?
What a miracle of mercy
That so graciously I’m saved! [Refrain]

Trusting in the love of Jesus,
I am filled with perfect peace;
Earth cannot bestow a comfort,
Or a joy so pure as this. [Refrain]