Wondrous Love Of Jesus Spread The News A

Wond’rous love of Jesus, spread the news around;
Pardon freely offer’d, what a joyful sound!
Jesus, loving Saviour, died to set me free;
O that blessed Whosoever! that means me.

Pardon freely offer’d all who will believe;
Whosoever cometh Jesus will receive;
Jesus, loving Saviour, died to set us free:
Hallelujah! Whosoever! that means me.

Whosoever means me better than my name,
Anyone, ev’ryone, is not that the same?
Believing is salvation, present, full and free;
Whosoever is the message, that means me. [Refrain]

Whosoever cometh may the promise claim,
Precious blood of Jesus cleanseth ev’ry stain:
The Son of God has lov’d me, wonder, can it be?
Whosoever, saith the Saviour, that means me. [Refrain]

Do not trust your feelings, trust His word alone,
Pray’rs can never save you, tears cannot atone:
Finish’d! cried the Saviour; nothing now to do,
Come, believe this Whosoever that means me. [Refrain]