Wondrous Mercy Divine

Wondrous mystery divine,
Hidden since the world began,
Living in this heart of mine
Is the risen Son of man.

Christ in me, O wondrous story!
Christ in me Christ in me!
Christ in me, the hope of glory!
Christ in me, yes, Christ in me!

Less than least of saints am I,
Yet His matchless love sufficed
To reveal His Son in me,-
Gracious, wonder-working Christ. [Refrain]

Crucified with Christ my Lord,
Death with Jesus reckoned mine;
Yet alive forevermore,
Christ in me by power divine. [Refrain]

Tossed no longer to and fro,
By men’s doctrines new and old,
But established by His power,
Strengthened by His might untold. [Refrain]

Gone all worldly stress and strife,
Glad I tread the path He trod.
By His presence now conformed
To the perfect will of God. [Refrain]