Wont You Trust The Promise Of The Savior

Won’t you trust the promise of the Savior?
Won’t you lay your burden at his feet;
Hear him call the weary, heavy laden,
He will give you rest so calm and sweet.

Won’t you trust him?
Won’t you trust him?
Won’t you give your heart to Jesus right away?
He will help you,
He will save you,
He will guide you on from day to day.

Won’t you go and tell him all your sorrow,
Tell him of the anxious, bitter tears;
That from watching eyes have sadly fallen,
‘Mid the pain of slowly passing years? [Refrain]

Won’t you go and let the Savior help you,
Just believe and trust from day to day;
In your heart resolve that you will serve him,
He will take your ev’ry care away. [Refrain]