Words Are Ringing Comfort Bringing Life

Words are ringing, comfort bringing, life some tender, sweet refrain,
How I love to think their precious meaning o’er!
“There shall be no death, no crying, no more sorrow, no more pain,”
When we meet, at last, on heaven’s happy shore.

There shall be no pain, no sorrow,
There no touch of evil mars;
There shall be no death, no crying,
In that land beyond the stars.

“Never morning woe to evening, but some loving heart did break,”
Ne’er a fireside that hath not its vacant chair,
But within that house of gladness, when with Christ we shall awake,
There shall be no death, no crying, over there. [Refrain]

Tears, like raindrops, here are falling, anguish deep we must endure,
Feeble bodies quiver, ‘nearth the suff’ring keen,
But we know ’twill all be over, for we have his promise sure,
When we reach the realms of glory, now unseen. [Refrain]