Words Of Cheer From The Battle Of Life

Words of cheer from the battlefield of life,
Welcome tidings from the war;
Glorious news from the grand and holy strife,
Soon the conflict will be o’er.

Words of battle cheer! tidings from the war!
“How has gone the conflict?” Vict’ry’s near;
Words of battle cheer! tidings from the war!
Glorious news of vict’ry! Words of cheer.

Fierce and long has the struggle been with sin,
Still the Church moves on below;
War without and temptation from within,
Vainly seek her overthrow. [Chorus]

Stand like men! there’s a battle to be fought;
All the hosts of hell will rage;
Trust in God! he deliverance has wrought
For his saints in ev’ry age. [Chorus]

Who so strong as to trust in self alone
‘Gainst a foe so swift and sure?
Who so weak that he can not grasp the Throne
And the promised help secure? [Chorus]