Work And Pray O Work And Pray

Work and Pray, O work and Pray!
See the fields of golden grain;
But the reapers, where are they?
Shall the Master call in vain?

Work and pray, O work and pray!
Time is hast’ning on its way;
Soon the harvest will be o’er,
And the summer come no more.

Work and pray, the hours are few;
Gather souls for Christ the Lord;
He will find a place for you;
Trust in Him for your reward. [Refrain]

Work and pray till morn is past,
And the noonday speeds its flight;
Till the sunbeams fade at last
Into ev’ning’s dewy light. [Refrain]

Happy they whose willing hands
Do the work that God has giv’n;
Faithful here to His commands,
They shall find sweet rest in heav’n. [Refrain]