Work For The Cause Of Temperance

Work, for the cause of temperance,
Work, and our God shall bless;
Faith in his word shall aid us,
He shall give success.
Save those who see no danger
In the alluring drink,
Save, ere their souls shall perish
O’er sin’s treacherous brink.

Work, for the cause of temperance,
Heeding the light of truth;
Save to this glorious nation
Lives of precious youth.
Till o’er the land and ocean
Floats in the sun-kissed air
That flag which should mean “Temperance”
In this land so fair.

Work, while the strength is given
To overcome the foe,
Let every hour be precious
Saving souls from woe.
Then as the last ray fadeth
Blotting this world from sight,
Vict’ry shall crown our efforts
In the cause of right.