Work For The Master Answer His Call

Work for the Master; answer his call;
Take up the duty; trust him for all;
Walk in the way open’d today,
Promptly his word obey.
Life’s bloom and sunshine cheerfully bring,
Ev’ry good talent lent by our King;
Life through his name freely proclaim,
Spreading the heav’nly flame.

Work for the Master, looking above,
Led by his Spirit,fill’d with His love,
Work, work, work, work,
Fill’d with His boundless love.

Work for the Master; work with delight;
Serve him with gladness, soon comes the night;
Seeking his face, using his grace,
Resting in his embrace.
Scorn not the trifles, sometimes a word
Spoken in kindness, gratefully heard,
Speedlike in pow’r, lives as a flow’r
Growing for Eden’s bow’r. [Refrain]

Work for the Master; great the reward;
Stars for the crowning, joy in the Lord,
Songs by the way, blessings today,
Richly our toil repay.
Blessings that ever brighten the more,
Till we shall enter home’s golden door,
Then at his feet, gladly we’ll meet,
Singing his praises sweet. [Refrain]