Work For The Master Toil For The King

Work for the Master, toil for the King,
Strength in his might possessing;
Gifts for his using, hasten to bring,
Plead for the promised blessing.
Serve him with gladness, heeding his call;
Trust him, tho’ sunbeams or raindrops fall,
Humbly, sincerely, trust him for all!
Working for Jesus, our Savior.

Servants of Christ, unite heart and hand,
Tell all the world his story;
Gladly obey his royal command;
His the kingdom, the pow’r and the glory!

Go with the message given to you,
Tell those who sit in sorrow,
Jesus will bring them comforting true;
Point to the glowing morrow.
Go to the weary, tell them of rest,
Tell of the mansions forever blest,
Till ev’ning shadows darken the west,
Working for Jesus, our Savior. [Chorus]

Work for the Master, faithfully bear
Help to a needy neighbor;
Joyful hosannas mingle with prayer,
Knowing for Whom we labor.
Lifting the fallen, finding the lost;
True to our mission, whate’er the cost;
Bring to the haven, souls tempest-tossed,
Working for Jesus, our Savior. [Chorus]