Work Is Pressing Time Is Moving

Work is pressing, time is moving,
Duty calls with ringing voice;
Hearts of pity, hearts so loving,
Answer it with happy choice.
Listen to it, hear it pleading
As of one who truly prays;
Why such tones of interceding?
What is this that duty says?

Lend a hand, lend a hand,
Help, O help the dying;
O’er the sea, o’er the land,
See the ruins lying.

Souls are wretched, souls are blighted,
Under sin’s consuming power;
Oh, their darkness! how benighted!
Perishing this very hour.
Can you give the plea of sluggards?
Can you fold your hands at ease?
Can you run the race like laggards,
And your sense of duty please? [Refrain]

Heav’n sends down its notes of yearning,
“Save the dying sinner, save;”
Hell responds with wail of warning,
“Souls sink deeper than the grave.”
Hear the mingled cries so moving,
Strains of pity and of woe;
And, like Jesus, deeply loving,
Go to save the sinner, go. [Refrain]