Work O Work For Jesus

Work, oh work for Jesus; in his blessed service
There is room for all;
Something for the youngest, something for the oldest;
Who will heed his call?

Work, work for Jesus, heed the Master’s cry;
Work, work for Jesus, the hours are flitting by;
Broad the fields of harvest, see how white they lie;
Work, go work today.

Work, oh work for Jesus; tho’ it be in weakness,
Claim his mighty power;
He can give us counsel, give us faith and courage,
For each trying hour. [Refrain]

Work, oh work for Jesus, tho’ thy field of labor
Small and humble be;
There, until the Master bids thee “come up higher,”
Serve him patiently. [Refrain]

Work, oh work for Jesus, for each faithful servant
His reward shall share;
Happy, happy entrance to the Royal Palace,
Crowns of glory there! [Refrain]