Work Work Where Shall We Work

Work, work! where shall we work,
Where is the field we may share?
Ever in sight is the harvest white,
Work can be found anywhere.

Work, work, work!
Ever we’ll work, work for the Lord;
Haste, haste, haste!
Linger not, time waiteth for none.

Work, work! how shall we work,
How shall we labor aright?
Working in love like the angels above,
Working with God in our might. [Refrain]

Work, work! when shall we work,
When shall the sickle go in?
Working today is the only way,
If a full harvest we’d win. [Refrain]

Work, work! ever we’ll work,
Working with hearts full of love;
Working in might, with the morning light,
Working for Jesus above. [Refrain]