Working For The Master In His Vineyard N

Working for the Master,
In his vineyard now;
For the work he gives us
He will grace bestow.
Tho’ the work be humble,
We can loyal be;
If we’re always faithful,
We shall fruitage see.

Working for the Master,
Working day by day;
Loyal to his bidding,
Faithful all the way.

Take our hearts and efforts,
Bless them to thy praise;
That we may bless others,
Thro’ life’s changing ways.
Help us not to waver
In the way of love,
But when clouds shall gather,
Ever look above [Chorus]

While the moments linger,
Ere the day departs,
Help us call the lost ones;
Master, touch their hearts.
And when thou shalt gather
All thy people home,
May we there greet many
We have urged to come. [Chorus]