Worldly Cares A Moment Leaves Us

Worldly cares a moment leave us;
Thoughts of earth awhile forbear-
All the vexing strifes that grieve us-
‘Tis the hour of praise and prayer,
While we draw a little nearer
to thy throne, Almighty Friend,
Bid our lamps of faith burn clearer;
Let thy Spirit now descend.

Fill us with thy presence solely;
Make our mimds, and let them be
Wide and deep and pure and holy,
Even as eternity.
From the pure celestial glory
Send to us thy gifts divine;
Bid the ancient gospel story
In primeval luster shine.

Fenced about with pure salvation,
By the strongholds of thy word,
Our ecstatic exultations,
Ring through each melodious chord.
See our gracious elder brother-
Fairer than the sun that shines-
Blessed Jesus, and no other,
Be the leader of our minds.