Worthy Is The Lamb The Hosts Of Heaven S

“Worthy is the Lamb!” the hosts of Heaven sing.
As before the throne they make His praises ring;
“Worthy is the Lamb the book to open wide;
Worthy is the Lamb who for us died.”

Jesus, Lamb of God,
Oh, Jesus, Lamb of God,
Our precious Lamb of God,
All praise to Him alone!

Worthy is the Lamb, who shed His precious blood
To restore a world to happiness and God;
When no eye could pity and no arm could save,
Jesus’ life for us He freely gave. [Refrain]

Worthy is the Lamb, the bleeding sacrifice
Who for Adam’s race paid such a fearful price;
Worthy is the Lamb, the Paschal Lamb of God,
For the world is saved through His dear blood. [Refrain]

“Worthy is the Lamb,” let men and angels sing,
“Worthy is the Lamb,” let hallelujahs ring;
And when life is past, upon the golden shore,
“Worthy is the Lamb forevermore.” [Refrain]