Worthy To Be Praised Is God My Father

Worthy to be praised is God my Father;
He is my Deliv’rer, my High Tower;
He my Strength and Buckler, Horn of my salvation;
Bless him for his mighty power.

Worthy to be praised, worthy to be praised,
Worthy to be praised forevermore;
Thanks and adoration for his great salvation;
Praise his name forevermore.

Worthy to be praised is God my Saviour;
Praise him for his mercy,-boundless love;
‘Twas his strong arm drew me out of “many waters,”
Brought me to a “wealthy place.” [Refrain]

Worthy to be praised! the chant unending
Rings from angel chorus round the throne;
Yet for his redemption human voices praise him:
Glory to our God alone! [Refrain]