Would Keep In Touch With Jesus Every Day

Would you keep in touch with Jesus every day,
Feel His guiding presence all along your way;
Have His Holy Spirit teach you how to pray?
Fully yield your will to Him.

Hark! He softly calleth to you now,
Come, before Him in submission bow;
Let His seal be placed upon your brow,
Fully yield your will just now to Him.

Would you serve Him gladly, faithfully and well,
Making every moment for His glory tell;
Have your tho’ts on Him, and Him alone, to dwell?
Fully yield your will to Him.

Would you rescue souls from misery and sin,
To the fold of Jesus safely bring them in,
Thus for your dear Saviour precious jewels win?
Fully yield your will to Him.

When the ransomed gather in the realms of light,
Would you shine up yonder in a robe of white;
Brighter than the stars that glitter in the night?
Fully yield your will to Him.