Would The Little Children Find

Would the little children find
One whose heart is always kind,
Who life’s burdens will unbind,
And give the spirit rest?
One whose wisdom never fails,
One whose courage never quails,
One who over all prevails,
And standeth every test?

Jesus is that loving friend,
On whose truth you may depend,
Who relief will ever send,
And shine when all is dim;
He your soul will ever keep;
He will guard you when you sleep;
He will soothe you when you weep;
My child, then trust in Him.

Oh! from Him turn not away;
Rather, seek Him while you may;
And in childhood’s sunny day,
Oh! come and be forgiv’n;
Then will angels round you wait;
God will make your pathway straight,
And, beyond the pearly gate,
Will give you life in Heav’n.