Would We Be Joyful In The Lord

Would we be joyful in the Lord?
Thee count the riches o’er,
Revealed to faith within His Word,
And note the boundless store.

There is pardon, peace, and pow’r.
And purity and Paradise;
With all of these in Christ for me,
Let joyful songs of praise to Him arise!

For every sin, by grace divine,
A pardon free bestowed;
And with the pardon peace is mine,
The peace in Jesus’ blood. [Refrain]

Of grace to break the pow’r of sin;
He gives a full supply;
The Holy Ghost, the heart within,
From sin doth purify. [Refrain]

The power to win a soul to God,
The Spirit too imparts;
And He, the gift of Christ our Lord,
Dwells now in all our hearts. [Refrain]

These blessings we by faith receive,
By simple child-like trust;
In Christ, ’tis God’s delight to give:
He promised, and He must. [Refrain]