Would You Be A Sunbeam Filled With Heave

Would you be a sunbeam fill’d with heaven’s light,
Shedding forth its beauty over scenes of night?
In this world of sorrow, sickness, sin, and woe,
Try to be a blessing ev’rywhere you go.

Be a blessing on life’s weary mile;
Be a blessing with a word or smile;
Be a blessing, ev’rywhere the same,
Try to be a blessing in the Master’s name.

Where the tears are falling and the hearts are sad,
Take some gospel message that will make them glad;
Strive to give them comfort by some loving deed,
Try to be a blessing in the time of need. [Refrain]

Just a cup of water, for the Master’s sake,
May sweet chords of music in some bosom wake;
Seek to help some pilgrim t’ward the golden land,
Try to be a blessing, both with voice and hand. [Refrain]