Would You Be Free From The Load Of Your

Would you be free from the load of your sinning,
And from the sorrows and sadness of soul?
Come to the Saviour, He’ll lighten your burden,
And from your heart will the care-billows roll.

Then rally ’round the throne of God and sing,
Yes, rally ’round the throne of God;
We’ll praise the Lord forever;
Christ the blessed Saviour,
And rally ’round the throne of God.

Would you be free from temptations and trials,
Cares that oppress, and from fears that annoy?
Look to the Saviour, He’s waiting in glory,
And all your burden of sin He’ll destroy. [Refrain]

Would you a home in the mansions of glory,
Have with the Saviour who rules up above?
Then come to Him and believe the sweet story,
If you forever would know of His love. [Refrain]