Would You Be Saved Then Why Not Come

Would you be saved? Then why not come
Just as you are, and come today;
Come while the Spirit strives with you;
Come, for there’s danger in delay!

Now, now is the accepted time,
The Savior’s pleading at the door:
“O let Me in! I’ll cleanse your every sin,
And will remember them no more!”

Would you be saved? O do not wait!
God calls you -heed his loving voice!
O come before it is too late-
Now is the time to make the choice. [Refrain]

Would you be saved? There still is room!
Christ is the Way, the open Door,
That “whosoever will” may come,
And may find life forevermore. [Refrain]

O stubborn heart, this hour relent!
Cry: “Lord, forgive these sins of mine!”
And sin-sick, weary and penitent,
Yield to the pow’r of love divine. [Refrain]