Would You Care If Some Friend You Have M

Would you care if some friend you have met day be day
Should never be told about Jesus?
Are you willing that He in the judgment shall say,
“No one ever told me of Jesus”

Nobody told me of Jesus,
Nobody told me of Jesus;
So many I have met – but they seem’d to forget
To tell me the story of Jesus.

Care you not if one soul of the children of men
Should never be bro’t unto Jesus?
Or would say in that day when He cometh again,
“No one ever told me of Jesus.” [Chorus]

Would you care if your crown should be starlessly dim,
Because you led no one to Jesus?
Make it true that some heart shall not answer to Him,
“No one ever told me of Jesus.” [Chorus]

Then be silent no longer! but earnestly pray
For grace to the telling of Jesus,
So that no one can say on that great judgment day,
“No one ever told me of Jesus.” [Chorus]