Would You Gain The Best In Life

Would you gain the best in life?
Win the prize ‘mid all the strife?
Hold your place thro’ troubles rife?
With the right keep step!
Know the world is watching you;
Be sincere in all you do;
With the good, the pure, and true,
Ever firm keep step!

Keep step, keep step ever,
Keep step, keep step ever,
Keep step, keep step,
Keep step, keep step ever.

Life is more than idle play;
It will quickly pass away;
Use aright each golden day;
With the good keep step!
There are earnest pressing needs,
Filled alone by purest deeds;
Happy he the call who heeds-
With the true keep step! [Refrain]

Look beyond the present hour;
Never yield to Satan’s power;
Tho’ above the clouds may lower,
With the truth keep step!
Onward press! nor, on the way,
Loiter once or waste the day;
God and truth and right all say,
Strong in faith, keep step! [Refrain]