Would You Go At Last Where The Holy Dwel

Would you go at last where the holy dwell,
In that land of blissful day?
You must give up sin and the world forsake,
You must take the Bible way.

Will you take the Bible way?
Will you live as Christ doth say?
For there is no road leading up to God,
But the good old Bible way.

Will you right the wrongs you have done in sin,
And your enemies forgive?
Yield yourself just now unreserved to God,
Take the Bible way and live. [Refrain]

‘Tis the way of truth and of holiness,
‘Tis the way our Savior trod;
It is strait and narrow, but wide enough
For the souls who walk with God. [Refrain]

Oh, the Bible way is a blessed way,
The redeemed are walking there;
Everlasting joy fills their hearts with praise
As they press toward mansions fair. [Refrain]