Would You Have The Blessing

Would you have the blessing
All along the way?
Tell your cares to Jesus
When to him you pray;
Never keep them from him
Though you think them small,
He will gladly listen,
Go and tell him all.

Tell it all to Jesus,
To him ever bring
All your care and worry,
Ev’ry little thing.

Ev’ry little trial,
Ev’ry little care,
All the little crosses
He will help you bear;
He will never chide you
If to him you bring
All your little troubles,
Ev’ry little thing. [Refrain]

Not the greatest trials
Hinder most you know,
Making daily progress
Painful, hard and slow;
‘Tis the little troubles
Coming ev’ry day,
Causing fret and worry,
Driving peace away. [Refrain]

Take it all to Jesus
Those who trust his grace
Cannot be defeated
In the Christian race,
In those realms of glory
When we see the King,
We’ll be glad we told him
Ev’ry little thing. [Refrain]