Would You Have The Morning Gladness

Would you have the morning gladness
Filling both your life and heart?
Would you know the joy and sweetness
That its freshness doth impart?
O, then, give yourself to Jesus;
Let Him wash your guilt away;
For the joy that pardon bringeth
Brighter is than dawn of day.

In His presence, in His presence,
In His presence is fulness of joy;
At His right hand there are pleasures,
There are pleasures forevermore.

Would you have the royal splendor
Of the noontide’s golden hour?
Would you feel the wondrous richness
Of its warm, life-giving pow’r?
Open wide your heart to Jesus;
Let Him be a welcome guest;
For the glory of His presence
Brighter is than sunshine blest. [Refrain]

Would you have the peace of evening,
With its calm and tranquil rest?
Would you have its tender blessing
Dwelling always in your breast?
Trust, then, everything to Jesus;
All you are and hope to be;
And the peace that passeth knowledge
Christ Himself will give to thee. [Refrain]