Would You Have The Saviors Presence As Y

Would you have the Savior’s presence as you go?
Would you have the blessed foretaste here below?
Would you have the Father’s blessing day by day?
Would you have His spirit with you all the way?

Hera the Savior’s invitation “Come to me,”
And His offer of salvation full and free;
All ye weary, heavy ladened, and distressed,
Come, and in His love forever be at rest.

Would you seek the Fount that cleanseth white as snow?
Would you follow your Redeemer here below?
Would you have in you abiding, blessed peace?
Would you have from sin’s dominion full release? [Refrain]

Would you love the Lord who bought you with His blood?
Would you gladly follow Jesus thro’ the flood?
Would you know your sins forgiven every one?
Would you have the Savior’s plaudit “Welcome home?” [Refrain]