Would You Lift Some Comrade Dear

Would you lift some comrade dear who has fallen in life’s race,
To the broken-hearted peace impart?
If you cannot tell the world of a Father’s wondrous grace,
Sing the Christ-love into some sad heart.

Lift your voice, sweetly sing for your Master,
Only ask, he will clothe you with his pow’r;
Like the music of the skies,
From the vales of Paradise,
Sing the Christ-love into ev’ry heart.

If you cannot tell the lost of his all-embracing love,
With the burning words of holy fire,
You may sing the story sweet of the hope prepared above,
And the fainting with new hope inspire. [Chorus]

Sing to cheer the lonely one pressed beneath a load of care,
In melodious strains his mercy sing;
Hush the quiv’ring chords of grief by the music that ye bear-
Grateful music to your Lord and King. [Chorus]

There are many ways to speak heaven’s message pure and true,
If our hearts o’erflow with Jesus’ love;
let us never, never say, there is naught that I can do,
Let us always our devotion prove. [Chorus]