Would You Of Our Banner Know The Meaning

Would you of our banner know the meaning,
With its yellow, red and blue?
In the breeze, its crimson glory streaming,
Waves a message grand and true.

Lift up the Army banner, blood and fire,
Blood and fire, lift it higher;
Lift up the Army banner, blood and fire,
For it tells of full salvation.

Blood-red crimson tells of God’s salvation,
Bids us think of Christ who died
For the sins of every tribe and nation,
When the blood flowed from his side.

Fiery yellow, emblem of the Spirit,
Leads us back to Pentecost;
He was sent to plead the Saviour’s merit,
And to help us save the lost.

Heavenly blue suggests we may be holy,
Purified from inbred sin;
Evil tempers, pride, and worldly folly,
Nevermore to dwell within.